RG3s Dad gets jail for reckless driving

RG3s Dad gets jail for reckless driving

RG3s Dad gets jail for reckless driving

Recently the headlines read RG3s Dad gets jail for reckless driving.  Apparently Robert Griffin, Jr. was traveling 115 miles per hour on Interstate 64 near Hampton, Virginia.  His son, Robert Griffin, III, also known as RG3 was attending summer football camp with the NFL Washington Redskins within miles of where he was stopped. #RG3sDadGetsJailForRecklessDriving

RG3s Dad gets jail for reckless driving: Robert Griffin, Jr. appeared in court and tried to fight the case.  He entered a not guilty plea but was found guilty of reckless driving by speed and sentence to 60 days in jail with 50 suspended.  Unless the Court made the remaining 10 days of active jail day for day, Robert Griffin, Jr. will serve five days with five days off for good behavior.  The active time shall be served on consecutive weekends.  The media did not share the elder Griffin’s reasons for traveling so fast or the nature of his legal defense.  He did better than what some courts do which is a day for each mile over 90.

RG3s Dad gets jail for reckless driving: RG3 won the Heisman for his play at BaylorRG3 was highly recruited although many scouts expressed strong concerns about his father’s involvement.  The elder Griffin was often in the thick of matters during his son’s college career giving interviews, releasing videos and stretching his son in the locker room.  The elder Griffin continued his work for his son in the NFL attempting to convince the Redskins to hire RG3s coach from Baylor.  He was unsuccessful in that attempt.  RG3 suffered some serious injuries in his NFL play and some question why the Redskins coach played him with injuries during the preseason.

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